Just found out Chris Walla decided to move on from #DeathCabforCutie. I shot this at the Paramount for their big homecoming show after releasing “Plans” in ‘05. It was an amazing show. Many, many good memories flood my brain when I listen to DCFC. Excited to see what he, and the remaining band, have in store next. #seattlemusic #bellingham

The portrait of @zibadesign leadership we shot a few weeks back is finally out! Lucky to shoot inside their beautiful HQ in the Pearl.

If you follow @grovemade on IG, you may have been seeing some photos I took when I spent a day at their HQ awhile back. Well, they’ve also posted a bunch more in Part 1 of “Life at Grovemade.” Have a look at grovemade.com/blog. (They also just announced their iPhone 6 cases…Spoiler Alert: They’re gorgeous.) More installments to come!

If you’ve ever received written correspondence from me, it probably came in one of these blue WAP envelopes. The rest of my identity package is on off-white paper. Can you guess what 1994 movie inspired that color choice? Hint: “You know—for kids!”

Ladies & gentlemen, the colorful @aaron_rayburn.