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End of Summer (Again.)

(Click for bigger. © William Anthony)

All the #bumbershoot photos on Facebook & Instagram got me all nostalgic this weekend. Six years ago myself and colleagues Ryan Schierling and Bradley Hanson showed some of our favorite photos from shooting Bumbershoot 2005 at the End of Summer gallery show in the Fidalgo Northwest Room. Good times.

It’s even more special knowing that KEXP will be expanding and building out their new studios in the exact same rooms.

My photos of Light Asylum are up on KEXP’s Flickr page. Have a look. It was a pretty amazing in-studio by Bruno Coviello and Shannon Funchess. Great synth sound with commanding vocals.


Light Asylum in the KEXP studios, 05-11-2012
Stream this session online here.

Photo credit: William Anthony
More photos at the KEXP Flickr.

Silversun Pickups: Acoustic Set at KEXP

Nikki Monninger and Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups
photographed at KEXP Studios. (Click for bigger © William Anthony)

The first time I heard Silversun Pickups it was their single Lazy Eye on KEXP around ‘06. I was instantly a fan. Lead singer/guitarist Brian Aubert’s raspy vocals had a slight Cobain quality and the music had Smashing Pumpkins and the Pixies in its genome. Add to it the visuals of Nikki Monniger handling gigantic Gibson Thunderbird bass in a summer dress and kitten heels, keyboardist Joe Lester’s porkpie-hatted, Ray Manzarek side-to-side head sway and drummer Chris Guanlao ridiculously high (and cool) crash cymbal and I was hooked—line, sinker and all.

Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups  (Click for bigger © William Anthony)

My life would come close to crossing paths with this band numerous times since. When I lived in L.A., I visited the Silver Lake rock club Spaceland many times while there. And going to that club, one cannot miss the Silversun Liquor store where the band got its name. But in all my time as an Angeleno, I’d never get the chance to see them live. After moving from to Los Angeles to Portland, I would meet an agency producer who is good friends with the band. Again with the SSPU connection. By now they had become my personal Kevin Bacon—always a few degrees removed—until last week.

Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups (Click for bigger © William Anthony)

Nikki Monninger of Silversun Pickups (Click for bigger © William Anthony)

Last Tuesday they released their newest full-length record Neck of the Woods. After launching a promotional tour on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, they made their way up to Seattle and back to the comfortable environs of the KEXP live room for a very intimate acoustic in-studio. Nikki and Brian showed up in a modest rental van with only a few guitar cases and a pair of gentlemen named Eric and Aaron (tour mgr/publicist respectively). The set was awesome.  After they wrapped the live in-studio, they were kind enough to stand in for some portraits. (See the rest of the shots here.)

Finally our paths would cross like Sunset & Silver Lake Blvd. I hope they cross again in the future.

Silversun Pickups live at KEXP. (Click for bigger © William Anthony)

Silversun Pickups (@sspu) soundchecking in the #kexp live room for their in-studio at 1:30pm. Tune in! (Taken with Instagram at KEXP Studios)