Score! Lucky find yesterday at Old Portland Hardware & Architecture. A 1938 photo postcard, with handwritten message on back, of The Overlook… um… I mean, Timberline Lodge. $20! #kubrick #theshining #redrum (at Old Portland Hardware & Architectural)

This re-cut by Richard Trammell beautifully illustrates the “mirror theory” in The Shining. That all the spirits and ghosts in The Overlook are actually all just in Jack’s head and they only reveal themselves when Jack passes or gazes into a mirror. Fantastic.

The #kubrick retrospective at @lacma closed yesterday. So glad I got to see it in person as he is one of my greatest influences. “Real is good, interesting is better.” - Stanley Kubrick #latergram (at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA))

Focal distances and wide open F-Stops on modified Carl Zeiss lens for candlelit scenes in Barry Lyndon. Yes, f/.70 at 50mm! #kubrick (at Stanley Kubrick Retrospective)