Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers


I am very proud to finally reveal a shoot I did for Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers and their advertising agency Copacino + Fujikado. Last May, my team, along with creatives and the account team from C+F descended on a house to photograph the descent of a man. Though addiction has no gender bias, our particular story centered on a well-to-do, middle-aged father and how his addiction was physically and emotionally separating him from his loved ones. In this case, his family.


(Click for bigger © William Anthony)

The concept was to show a person losing control of his life, and family, by slowly illustrating the physical and emotional effects of addiction while his wife and son fade away—literally. We lucked out with our talent. Our father, Royce, though not a trained actor, really hit the nail on the head under my direction. He was asked to mimic extremely dramatic emotions, while doing so in a subtle manner that did not come off as cartoonish; all while respecting the very sensitive subject matter. Royce really rose to the occasion and nailed it. Perhaps it was because we cast his real family as our fictional family. His wife and son were there, right next to him. Numerous times I asked him to look at them and imagine their feelings in such a situation.

The “Phases of Addiction.” (Click for bigger © William Anthony)

In addition to Royce’s acting, we also utilized a special effects artist to show the physical “phases” of addiction on Royce’s face. Some ad placements required a “flip book” animation of his physical degradation. To do that, we asked him to *not* shave for a few days before the shoot, for an authentic, disheveled, unshaven look. Then, we shot the process backwards, little by little removing the special effects make-up and cleaning him up. In the final animated ad, for Pandora radio and animated online banners, we would once again reverse the process to show the downward spiral from clean and sober to rock bottom.

It worked perfectly.


Outdoor ads. (Click for bigger © William Anthony)

This particular job affected me personally. I have had people close to me suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. I have lost friends. Some were simply friendships that could not survive the emotional torment of addiction. Others lost the battle more permanently. I hope these ads encourage those in need to seek out help. There’s simply too much to lose otherwise.



Client: Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers
Agency: Copacino + Fujikado
Creative Director: Jim Copacino
Agency Producer: Kris Dangla
Account Director: Jennifer Tobias
Account Coordinator: Stuart Zaichkin
Art Director: Cheryl Hooper
Copywriter: Ken Bennett
Digital Post-Production: Todd Hoffmeister
Casting: Diana Lopez Casting
Talent: The Marks Family
Photo Assistant: Nate Watters
Hair/Make-up: Jenny Verador
Special Effects Make-up: Kate Dixson
Production Assistant: Kayla Harvey
Location Manager: Craig Stewart


Nikki Jacoby Jewlery

Left: Holley wearing chestplate (over a necklace of her own braided hair) and earrings and cuff by Nikki Jacoby Jewelry. Right: Chestplate detail

(Click for bigger. © William Anthony)

Just starting to go through the edit for the shoot we did last week for Nikki Jacoby Jewelry. Really happy with the images.

More soon.



Client: Nikki Jacoby Jewelry

Art Direction: William Anthony, Nikki Jacoby

Model: Holley-Hawa Šon Paramūš

Hair: Roxie Hunt

Makeup: Rick Toth


New Redwood Plan promo photo


The Plan. (Click for bigger. © William Anthony.)

The band released another one of the promo shots we did together in prep for the Feb 15th release of their debut record. This time around, Lesli requested a glowing suitcase. Or, as writers call it, a “MacGuffin.”



: an object, event, or character in a film or story that serves to set and keep the plot in motion despite usually lacking intrinsic importance

I was thrilled when Lesli requested this. I love it when a client wants to do something fun, smart and slightly subversive. The Redwood Plan’s music is upbeat, but their public persona was to be somewhat mysterious. Enter, the MacGuffin.

Since the get-go I’ve loved TRP’s color palette. Blood red and black. (Not primary red, or burgundy, BLOOD red.) And the cohesiveness of Lesli’s vision is inspiring. These photographs were a joy to shoot.

If you can make it to Neumo’s for the record release, do it. It’s aims to be a great show.


Outtake. (Click for bigger. © William Anthony)



Art Direction: Lesli Wood

Stylist: Mona Reed

Location: Ghost Gallery


Betty. Great night shooting @TheRedwoodPlan tonight. Just a laptop sneak peak. Love ‘em. Always fun to work with. Big thanks to @monabea for the hair/makeup. Album drops Feb. 15th. cc: @pilotismypilot